Are E-Bikes Making Their Way into the Motorbike World?

As the transport shake-up continues thanks to the rise of leasing as a popular ownership design, another player appears just about to enter the fray. Electric bikes, popularly known as e-bikes are making a strong case for bicycles to be included among the leasing ranks.

There are several reasons why their plea is hard to turn down.

The first one, of course, is the use of stored charge for propulsion. The stored charge saves users the energy needed to pedal the bike, which would have turned off many people who feel they either don’t have enough energy reserves to pedal all the way, or don’t want to arrive all sweaty.

The electrical feature ensures the bike can carry the rider comfortably all the way. It also means that bikes can move at much higher speeds, some even coming close to motorbikes. Some e-bikes can do up to 60km/h; no one really moves much faster than that especially in urban centres.

Secondly, electricity is a clean source of energy. It is renewable and does not cause pollution. In this age of environmental awareness, that alone is a big plus for the e-bike argument. Besides these two factors, electricity is also cheaper and much more efficient than other fuels. The presence of solar charged models only makes the prospect juicier!

If motorbikes are loved for being flexible automobiles, then e-bikes will redefine flexible. Their weight is just marginally bigger than that of normal pedal bikes,meaning they can still be lifted and hauled as one pleases. The presence of cyclist lanes in many urban centers means e-bikes get an even easier passage as other modes of transport wade through congested traffic.

A lease means you don’t really have to invest in a new bike; you only acquire one when you need it and discard it when you don’t.