Nowadays, car buyers are overwhelmed by countless new car models that pop up every day. Car manufacturers are working round the clock to ensure they come up with more sophisticated and attractive car models than the existing ones. As a result, leasing has become a more popular option to own a car than buying as it gives car enthusiasts an opportunity to drive the latest models at a pocket-friendly price. However, some cars are leased more than others. We examine the top five most leased car brands (in no particular order), which include the following:


Luxury vehicles like Audi are popular choices when it comes to leasing. One lovable thing about this car is its incredible style, which is often blended with a sophisticated technology. Audi enthusiasts are always looking to upgrade to the car’s latest model, and leasing is definitely the most cost-effective way to achieve this.

Land Rover

Having established itself as one of the most successful brands, Land Rover is frequently leased. Drivers lease the car to upgrade and experience the prestige of driving the latest models.


Mercedes-Benz, like Audi, is a very popular car, and no one can resist the urge for owning one. New releases come with improved technologies and features. The residual value offered by this car is also high, making leasing cheaper.


With innovations in technology, safety, and style, this brand encourages its followers to upgrade whenever an improved model pops up. Offering a number of lease-only incentives, including lease and loyalty rebates to make leasing even more attractive; those who lease this car usually come back for another BMW.


Driving FIAT is fun. Yes, it may not be appropriate for your family, but this sporty car is simply incredible. Combining luxury and class, those who lease it never regret it.