With the increasing popularity in car leasing, automakers and car dealers always strive to make sure that they offer specifically what is best for its customers. Leasing gives a customer the ability to drive the best, and hence better and latest models are always availed in the market. Leasing has been an excellent option for the enthusiast to drive a car without having to buy it downright.

Here is the latest list of the most popular cars.


This is one of the most familiar cars in the United Kingdom, and for some reason tops the list of the most popular cars to lease. Besides being a cost-effective alternative, the car has a good balance of low running cost and uncompromised performance. With many improvements that accompanies every latest Golf model, the car remains a familiar name in many households in the UK today.


Well, this might be controversial to many, as the Audi A3 has been less common compared to its direct competitors such as BMW 1 series. However, when you consider facts from dealers, the car has been a hit with customers who prefer to lease. Audi A3 is extremely affordable and hence easier to obtain. It is among the cheapest hatchbacks available and indeed very environmentally conscious.


Being a prestigious and elegant SUV, Evoque has a great reputation across the United Kingdom. The car has an idiosyncratic design, and is so popular that it even gave rise to a bold convertible version of it. One striking benefit of this range rover is its versatile engine that suits everyone perfectly.


The Mercedes E class is a dominant figure in the UK’s roads. This car is tuned with everything one would expect from an executive saloon. In recent times the E class has become more affordable without compromising the style and performance that Mercedes offers its customers.