Why Aren’t Fleet Managers Going Electric Yet?

If you’ve glanced at a car magazine in recent years, you’ll be well aware that most industry experts seem to agree that electric cars, or at the very least hybrid models, are the future of the industry. Despite this apparent certainty, however, fleet managers have been relatively slow and unwilling to add many electric vehicles to their fleets – beyond a few models which may be there for testing and prestige purposes only. In this article, we’ll dig a little deeper and explore what may be causing the hold-up.

The most obvious reason why more fleet managers have not incorporated electric vehicles yet is a lack of infrastructure for keeping them on the road. While charging points are beginning to pop up at some motorway service stations and in certain multi-storey car parks, it’s still pretty hard to rely on them being available in any particular place. The risk of a key member of staff becoming stranded in a hard to reach location because their car has run out of juice is simply not one that most companies are willing to take. If you add on the cost that adding charging facilities to an employee’s home would create, it’s hardly surprising that most businesses have adopted a wait and see policy when it comes to electric fleet vehicles.

Furthermore, there is the fact that electric cars still have a bit of an image problem. This is beginning to change as major manufacturers such as Mercedes begin to add electric vehicles to their high-end line-ups. Like most perception problems however – it is likely that it will be several years before most consumers change their minds on electric cars.

Infrastructure rollout for electric cars is picking up pace however, so it is possible that we will see opinions changing in the years to come.